Courtney Dixon


“Even today, I Have no idea what the truth is, or what I did with it.”

                                                            - Luis Bunuel                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    


This will be the placeholder for a very well written bio on myself, Courtney Dixon. There will be a great opening line that sums up what I do for a living in the most simplest of terms- as it turns out, breaking down the term Creative Producer can be a challenge. Next, I’ll be able to list the various film awards I have received, amazing festivals I have been a part of, and major brands with whom I have partnered - without sounding pretentious and, yet, still remaining proud.

Somewhere in this paragraph it must be noted that, “I am from here… but will travel there…to anywhere.” Finally, a must to include- the summation statement about my particular artistic angle when it comes to filmmaking, which will probably include the word perspective. Throughout this whole piece, I will avoid all usage of third person dialogue.


While I, and my bio, remain a work in progress, I'll leave this about page with these final thoughts: Lorem Ipsum

Filmmaker. Creative Producer. Director. Writer.