WEbMD: Short Documentary, 2018                        


Voices: Living with SCHIZOPHRENIA 

Michelle Hammer is a young woman in New York whose mind is ablaze with art -- and schizophrenia. Now she’s sharing her everyday battle to control the war of words in her head while using her artwork to fight the stigma against mental illnesses.

1 in 5 people in the US suffers from a mental illness. It’s time to get the conversation started. The video, which features Michelle discussing her schizophrenia and work, demonstrates the difficulty of living with the condition, but importantly shows how it is possible to have a normal, healthy life.


Producer/Director: Courtney Dixon

Cinematographer: Nick Ramey

Post-Production: Coat of Arms Post / Jonathan Lacocque


Tribeca Film Festival (Tribeca X) Official Selection, 2018

        The Telly Awards- Silver Award, 2018