Barbie Beach

Short Documentary, 2016


"if you can't be yourself- then who the hell are you"

This documentary is pieced together by tape recorded sessions of an aging couple recounting an odd hobby that has riveted a small rural town for more than 10 years. Posing naked, donated Barbie dolls on a small beach they created in their front lawn is how they use choose to be heard. Art is what you make it and they have done some surprisingly big things with just a few small dolls.  


Producer/Director: Courtney Dixon

Cinematographer: Tom Pritchard

Post-Production: Coat of Arms Post / Jonathan Lacocque

Original Music: Aaron Lepley


SXSW- Excellence in title Design, 2017

DOC NYC - Official Selection, 2016

Cannes Short Film Corner-  Official Selection, 2016 

Asthetica Short Film Festival- Official Selection, 2017

ET Cultera, Short Film Festival, 2017

San Francisco International Festival of Short films, Official Selection, 2017